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'Polka Dot' Begonia - POTTED

'Polka Dot' Begonia - POTTED

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Our pre-potted plant collection takes all the hard work out of it! Perfect as either a gift or a new companion for your own home, all plants come re-potted with premium indoor potting mix, gift tagged & ready to enjoy! 

Plant ID: Begonia maculata

Pot Diameter: 18cm

Plant Details

Light: Bright filtered or indirect light
Water: Medium water consumption (keep soil moist, allowing top inch to dry)
Humidity: Medium/High humidity (perfect for a well lit bathroom or kitchen)
Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer (weak dose) during growing season
Mist: Mist sparingly from a distance, only in periods of low humidity
Pet Friendly: Mild toxicity (keep out of reach of furry friends!)

**Note: the plant you receive may not be the exact plant pictured, however great care is taken to ensure it will be just as healthy and just as beautiful**