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In-Home Consultations

Choosing the right plants for your unique home or work environment can be difficult - and that's before even thinking about pots, styling or maintenance.

Plants are our passion (more like our life) so let us take the stress away for you.

We offer a bespoke and personal In-Home Consultation service that will cover everything you ever thought you wanted to know about indoor plants!

Whether you need an extra set of eyes to critique your already bursting collection, or you have a blank canvas that is yearning for life - we can listen to your needs and create an end-to-end solution that suits your lifestyle. 

Our consult fee is fully reimbursed at our Floreat store so you can get the tropical space your heart desires, without breaking the bank.


How does it work?

Once you've made the decision to enlist the professionals, get in touch and book a time that suits you. 

Our consults generally last between 30-60 mins, but if we get carried away chatting about plants (or the coffee is good) we could be talking plants all day!

After a tour around your unique space, we can sit down to discuss your questions, needs, environment & recommendations, before collaborating on a solution to achieve your botanical goals. 

We can then work on a written plan, quote or program to get started on. 

Anything you choose to add to your space is then curated, potted up, delivered and installed around your schedule. 

How much does it cost?

Our In-Home Consultation costs $95 - which is fully reimbursed back to you to spend at our Floreat boutique. Call it free advice! 

What's included?

This is your time. Ask any and every plant related query you've ever wondered that might help you in your quest for happy plants. We can cover everything from lighting, plant choice, watering, pests, styling...its really in your hands.

Each consult is different (because each of you lovely people are different) - but you can expect at least 30-60mins of our time, advice, expertise and passion at a minimum...anything else is up to you. 

What about on-going support?

Even better! If you'd prefer to sit back, relax and simply enjoy your indoor oasis without all the work, we offer an individualized, on-going maintenance support program to keep you covered. We can even insure your plants to ensure lush, green nature all year round

Next Step?

Stop thinking about a time!