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Gift Card - Happy Birthday!

Gift Card - Happy Birthday!

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** If you would like a message written on your greeting card, please don't forget to include this at checkout :) **

A design from our Block Printed collection - the pattern has been created with a hand printed block, so no two cards have the exact same pattern placement, making each one unique! Finished off with a crisp letterpress impression, and some information about the process on the back of the card.

  • A6 size (4.1 x 5.8”)

  • hand block printed pattern with solvent free, water based inks

  • letterpress printed hand lettering

  • comes with a 100% post consumer recycled envelope

  • made in West Australia celebrating traditional print making techniques.

    Please note, the placement of the pattern will be different to the one pictured and may be cropped differently with more of the pattern shown, or less of the pattern shown. It’s as unique as you are!