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Ficus alii 'Banana Leaf Fig' - Feature

Ficus alii 'Banana Leaf Fig' - Feature

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I will thrive best in bright, indirect/filtered light, however I can also happily survive in low-light environments, or bright sun if introduced slowly. 


Keep my soil moist (but not soaking) during the warmer months, allowing the top few inches of my soil to dry out between watering.

Water less often in winter, and always make sure my pot has a drainage hole.

Like all plants, the amount of water I need depends on the amount of light I get.


I’ll be right at home in a good quality, well-drained potting mix. To make sure my roots can breathe in between watering, house me in a pot with a drainage hole.

**Note: the plant you receive may not be the exact plant pictured, however great care is taken to ensure it will be just as healthy and just as beautiful**