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‘Green Velvet’ Syngonium Wendlandii - 130mm

‘Green Velvet’ Syngonium Wendlandii - 130mm

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A rare and beautiful plant from Costa Rica, Syngonium Wendlandii is highly coveted for this beautifully rich green, velvety foliage with striking silvery white feathery markings making it stand out amongst other syngoniums.

Plant ID: Syngonium Wendlandii

Also known as: Green Velvet Syngonium or Silver Goosefoot Plant

Pot Diameter: 15cm

Plant Care

Light: Bright filtered light
Water: Low water consumption (allow soil to dry out before watering)
Humidity: Medium humidity (appreciate occasional misting)
Fertilizer: Liquid fertiliser (weak dose) through the growing season
Mist: Lightly mist regularly to increase humidity 
Pet Friendly: No (keep away from furry friends)


**Note: the plant you receive may not be the exact plant pictured, however great care is taken to ensure it will be just as healthy and just as beautiful**