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'Heart-Shaped' Philodendron cordatum - 130mm

'Heart-Shaped' Philodendron cordatum - 130mm

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This evergreen foliage is native to South and Central America, being a very popular houseplant offering year-round beauty and easy care, often given as gifts with its sweetheart shaped leaves but for any houseplant collector it’s another one to add to the list!

What starts out as a bronze leaf leaves a visual impression as they slowly turn green, these houseplants have endless possibilities from trailing from a bookshelf, in a hanging basket or wrapped around a totem pole for height. Be sure to take cuttings for optimal growth and to get a bushier plant.

Plant ID: Philodendron Scandens

Also known as: Heartleaf Philodendron, sweetheart plant 

Pot Diameter: 13cm

Plant Details

Light: Moderate bright indirect light
Water: Low water consumption (allow soil to dry out before giving a good soak)
Humidity: Low humidity (appreciate occasional misting)
Fertilizer: Liquid fertiliser (weak dose) throughout the growing season 
Mist: Lightly mist regularly to increase humidity and to clean leaves
Pet Friendly: No ( keep away from furry friends)


**Note: the plant you receive may not be the exact plant pictured, however great care is taken to ensure it will be just as healthy and just as beautiful**