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‘Red Secret’ Alocasia Cuprea - 120mm

‘Red Secret’ Alocasia Cuprea - 120mm

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A dazzling indoor plant, the Alocasia Red Secret is deep bronze-burgundy in colour with a metallic sheen that will stand out in any collection.

In the wild, this plant grows across Asia, particularly in Borneo. The shape of its big leaves earned it the nickname ‘elephant’s ear’. Left to its own devices, it can grow much taller than an elephant - as much as 4 metres. As an indoor plant it won’t grow taller than about a metre

Plant ID: Alocasia Cuprea - common name; Red Secret Alocasia 

Pot Diameter: 12cm

Plant Details

Light: Indirect sun
Water: Medium water consumption (likes to be kept moist but not soggy)
Humidity: Medium humidity (appreciate occasional misting)
Fertilizer: half strength during the growing season 
Mist: Lightly mist regularly to increase humidity 
Pet Friendly: No (keep away from furry friends)


**Note: the plant you receive may not be the exact plant pictured, however great care is taken to ensure it will be just as healthy and just as beautiful**