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Root Roids - 75g

Root Roids - 75g

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Root Roids is a premium combination of Mycorrhizae & Nutrient Solubilizing Bacteria.

Create massive colonies of Living Soil microorganisms directly in your root zone with our highly targeted Mycorrhizae & beneficial bacteria.

Designed to compliment any nutrient program to increase yields and flavour. Perfect for Coco & Soil growers.

Naturally unlock & retain nutrients for longer, leading to stronger plants, faster growth rates & masses of healthy roots.

Growers are reporting 7-10 days shortening of the vegetative growth period due to massive increases in plant growth and vigor.

Eliminates detrimental organisms in the root zone.

Hydroponic growers can enjoy a 15-25% reduction in fertilizer costs whilst growing far superior quality flower.

Noticeable results in just 48hrs