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Succulent Bowl [Hamptons Mixed] - MED

Succulent Bowl [Hamptons Mixed] - MED

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Succulent Bowls make amazing statement pieces and gifts alike because of their stunning colour, year round beauty and ease of care. 

Each succulent bowl comes packed full of mature succulents, each as colourful as the next, and can be delivered directly to the recipients door...or your own! 

LIGHT: Bright light, full sun

WATER: Low water consumption, drench soil directly once it dries

SOIL: Prefers light, well drained soil [sandy, perlite-rich mixes are best]

HUMIDITY: Happiest in a warm, dry spot (keep away from the bathroom!). No need to mist

FERTILIZER: Low fertilizer requirement, use liquid fertilizer during warmer months, and sparingly during winter

Bowl Width: 20cm