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Terrarium Art - 4-pack - 63mm
Terrarium Art - 4-pack - 63mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Terrarium Art - 4-pack - 63mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Terrarium Art - 4-pack - 63mm

Terrarium Art - 4-pack - 63mm

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Terrarium ART are an assorted range of tropical plants suitable for terrariums, paludariums and bottle gardens. Create your own little world in a bottle!

  • Plant just one plant on its own, or plant several varieties to create a miniature landscape!
  • Include accessories like miniature houses, furniture or figurines to make your terrarium unique and personalised!
  • A wonderful living art project - Get the kids involved!
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Include them in your home décor - Perfectly suited to indoor spots near a window.
  • They are a great way to increase your plant/life balance in your home or office.
  • Makes a wonderful living gift – Ignore those cut flowers, give a gift that will last a lifetime!

The Terrarium ART range are individually labelled with their species name as well as helpful information such as its habit, growing height and aspect requirements. They are presented in carmen pink 63mm squat pots and topped with black coloured gravel.

All plants in the collection are fully established in their pots and require no immediate re-potting. They are grown professionally using the latest hygienic growing techniques, ensuring all stock is pest and disease free and of the best quality.

They are all grown locally here in Perth, WA and are suited to Western Australian conditions.

Included in the Terrarium ART range are:

  • Stunning foliage plants, like Ferns and miniature Ivy.
  • Groundcover varieties like Babies Tears, Seleginella and Mosses.
  • Grasslike species such as Lilaeopsis and Scirpus.
  • Colourful beauties like hypoestes, Iresene and Coleus.
  • Species suited to aquatic/marginal conditions, such as Lilaeopsis, Acorus, Ophiopogon and Moneywort.

Create your very own miniature landscape with all the different habits included in the range - Simply choose an upright, a climber, a groundcover and an accessory (a mini table, bridge, or figurine) and you will have an amazing bottle garden!

Species in the range change seasonally, with new additions being added to the collection regularly. Collect and Admire!


**Please Note: Succulent/Terrarium Art 4-packs are selected at random, however great care is taken to ensure all of the plants you receive are as healthy and beautiful as those pictured**